Private Lending


The Creative Cornerstone Group is one of the area’s leading real estate firms. We endeavor to provide our clients and investors with tools, knowledge and information needed to succeed.

We work with

1) Busy professionals who appreciate passive income and want to grow their cash flow and financial wealth through Real Estate.

2) Clients with a high degree of personal accountability and drive.

3) Trust Deed Investors – Investors who are interested in return on investment in excess of 6-8% on investments secured by Real Estate.

We take great pride in our extensive list of long-standing relationships in all areas of our business, including our investors, lending institutions, development partners, home builder partners, local governments, property management companies, legal and accounting firms, engineering consultants, and construction contractors.

Why Do We Care?

90% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, whether they are middle class or high-income earners. 87 million Americans are heading toward retirement, and only 3% are ready. The future of social security is uncertain, as are pensions. People are living longer without a plan to pay for it. It is time for us to take control of our future and our finances, because the government and the boss probably aren’t planning to.